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Well, college was definitely not what I expected it to be.

There were some things I was really naive about, but I'm glad I know better now. I found out some new things about myself. Like how I'm really impulsive, how poor my socialization skills are, how mediocre my writing and speaking skills are, and how I care too much about school. I also realized that I hate it when my life is only and always about writing. Going to college made me appreciate other things more than I already did--things like the piano, walks at night, acting, learning, the company of my friends.... My writing has suffered because I made it my only priority for awhile, and being online didn't help me, which is a tiny reason why I haven't been on here in so long. I honestly haven't been on here in so long because college made me really busy. I hardly had free time for myself. 

Another thing I found out about myself is that I'm smarter than I thought, I think. I mean, I've never had straight As before I went to college. 

Besides finding out new things about myself, there is a small list of things I never thought would happen in college:
I'd hate the cafeteria food within two weeks
My boyfriend would break up with me, and then want me back when I was trying to move on (poorly). (We both made bad decisions, and I'm happy where we are now.)
I'd dye my hair back to brown...I liked the red.
I'd make a really close friend so soon. 
I'd have a lame teacher that would consider the Oxford comma to be incorrect, and mark it as such on papers if used, even though the English Department, as a whole, accepts the Oxford comma as correct. (Note: the teacher I had is full-time.)

So much shit happens in four months, it's crazy.

Anyway, over the course of those four months, I had a photo in an exhibit, I wrote an uncountable amount of papers, I was in the student directed play, I was in tech for the fall play, I relearned how to play the piano, I joined and quit Jazz band, I joined the school's literary magazine, and other stuff.

My next semester is going to be quite interesting...and it's less than a week away. The classes I'm having next semester are Abnormal Psychology, Beginning Algebra, Introduction to Literary Studies, Musical Theatre History, and Western Civilizations from 1450.


Thu Aug 27, 2015, 6:09 AM
Last week I moved into the University I'm currently attending. I had four days of orientation.

The first day, last Thursday, there was a matriculation ceremony (inducting us into the university; opposite of graduation) and at night there was some activity....I honestly forget now what it was.

Anyway, on Friday, we met with our Fiat Lux (freshman class) class and was forced to play games with everyone. It was to build teamwork skills and whatnot, but I was uncomfortable with it. During the rest of the day we had meetings with our advisers. (I'm a creative writing major, by the way.) I was happily surprised to see that there are four creative writing majors in my grade! That's a lot. Anyway, at night there was a Boardwalk kinda thing with food, games, and prizes. It was great. Also that night, I struck up enough courage to play a game with random people I didn't know. That was also fun.

On Saturday, we were all forced to go on a service trip. There wasn't really much to do and it wasn't hard..... It was just so hot because we had to wear pants and a long sleeved shirt (note: it was easily 90 F that day). So I painted a fence black for two hours. That night there was a luau, again with games, food, and prizes. I won a T-shirt from a sorting game and I won a mini-cart filled with food.  

On Sunday, we had an anit-rape, anti-drugs, driving safety, etc. seminar. Then the whole day was free to do whatever, so I hung out with my boyfriend and watched Game of Thrones. 

So far, I've had all my classes--Intro to Theatre, College Composition I, Intro to Psychology, Intro to Creative Writing, Intro to Computers, and Fiat Lux. 

Yesterday, I tried out for the school orchestra. It was awful. Of course, I was automatically accepted because there are a little less than 10 people in the orchestra. But, anyway, everyone was given warm-up music to play, music I've never seen before, and was expected to play it perfectly. I was still reading the notes and everything, so I hardly played a thing. Learning a song takes a couple hours for me, but perfecting one will take a day. So, I'm not going to be in the orchestra... Maybe the Jazz Band though because that seems cool.

For my creative writing class we've had our first assignment: write about a grudge. It was pretty fun, actually, and I'm happy to have had an assignment already. 

There's more to add but this journal is already pretty long so I'm going to end it here.



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I am a youth poet that has been professionally published before in The Artistic Muse, Off the Coast, Literary Juice, The Jawline Review, and Between Aphrodite and a Baby Penguin. fuckme.jpg, a poetry chapbook of mine, can be read here:…

All the support I've received over the years has aided to my will for constant improvement. I thank you all for your kindness and support. It means more to me than you know.

If you need anyone to talk to, I'm always here - feel free to send me a note.

I have a website:…

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necropia is my second account for painting. beware of how juvenile it is.

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Hello,  thx for the watch :D
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I wanted to let you know that I read your book sporadically and I really do like it. You've definitely improved the outlook of this work overall. I liked "looking for nebraska: this ending is only the edge", "deathtouch: on abducting lazarus", "lachrymose", "sensory deprivation: a short film", and "flooding the cradle".

Actually, I read it sporadically, because it's the sort of poetry book that I've found needs a sporadic read. Not saying they're difficult poems, but they require time to fully absorb. I personally liked "flooding the cradle" (read it five times already), and I think I can relate with it in my own way. A bit weird on my part, perhaps, but that's just me.

:) It was a good investment. I'm happy I paid the price for it :hug: Keep writing and posting.
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thanka for the wristbasedTimepiece
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